My Love…my love…my love…my love…keeps me warm!!!! 

I don’t think there can ever be two people more polar opposites than Bobby Sloan and Sophie. Youngest of the Sloan boys, Bobby’s always been the quiet one, never saying much, but always supportive of his family. Love for his family puts his desires on the back burner, with no questions asked. But now the chance to be and become what he had always had a passion for, presents itself and he grabs it, with full encouragement from his family, and a news that he wants to surprise his wife with.

MyLove-CrossRoads-BobbySophie-Nov 2014

Sophie is the talkative, full of life wife that Bobby loves to the end of this earth. She is the lovable, animated woman that loves her husband with a passion and complements his quite demeanor. They are a perfect match made in heaven, leading an uncomplicated life with love, trust and unconditional support of each other. But now Sophie’s discovered some unexpected news, which would change the lives of everyone concerned.

Three years after marriage, and still feeling like newly weds, their love and passion is off the charts, with Bobby being vocal with action, and Sophie matching his desires act to act. But with big bolts of surprises coming in small doses, it’s up to them to accept this life altering change with love and understanding, and have enough faith in each other to overcome fears and doubts.

No matter how many times I read…re-read, the Crossroad Series is one of those quintessential compilation of stories I can never ever get tired of. And the Sloans and Harper’s Crossing are forever going to be etched as my top favorites.

A charming and nostalgic novella perfectly timed for the holidays!