Four writer friends, love and laughter, families and festivities, Christmas and miracles…a magical Christmas In New York!!!!

Christmas In New York series is the compilation by four writer friends and their wonderful stories of lost love, second chances, friendships and relationships and the magical wishes of Christmas that gives four friends a future of love, trust and understanding.

This Christmas (Jake and Sabrina) – Jeannie Moon

All I Want For Christmas (Cassandra and Sean) – Jennifer Gracen

A Light In The Window (Jade and Ben) – Jolyse Barnett

Goodness And Light (Elena and Lucas) – Patty Blount

And they all can be read standalone!



At twenty-nine, Jade Engel is at a crossroad in her life, and though her family loves her to bits, they can be a little stiff with what they want for their children. Jade is back in her hometown after quitting her marketing job to spend the holidays before she heads off to university. She loves her town, she loves the holidays, she loves her family, she loves keeping busy by helping around, and she loves her next-door neighbor, the handsome and charismatic Ben Stephens.

Ben Stephens is a local celebrity and whatever he wants in life is in Starling, including Jade his once a upon a time best friend. And this time he is hell bent on making sure, she doesn’t leave his side forever. Now it is just a matter of convincing her that best friends with benefits, can have lasting and forever benefits.

Jolyse Barnett does a charming job of having Ben being supportive of Jade, as she tries to figure out what she wants to become in life. And with some past pain and insecurities dogging her choices, Jolyse gives Jade the perfect etching of an imperfect woman, trying to become a confident woman and go after what she desires, rather than what others want of her.

“A Light In The Window” is another magical story from the “Christmas In New York” series, written to perfection by Jolyse Barnett.



Young minds can be so impressionable and susceptible to pain and guilt that can be carried into their adult years, and if that pain and guilt cannot be dissuaded somehow, it sure affects lives. Elena Larsen lost her mother to 9/11, thirteen years ago and hasn’t set foot in NY since then. But now with her sister Kara pregnant (hoping to see her HEA coming Christmas ;)), Elena lands in the city of pain to help Kara and stumbles into the charming Lucas Adair, little knowing that she has met him briefly before…precisely thirteen years ago.

Lucas Adair is also a victim of 9/11, where he had lost his mother. Riddled with guilt and pain, he goes down a path of jailed time. But with the help of a friend, and helping the needy, Lucas had the opportunity to get over his loss and guilt and make a better person of him. A chance meeting with Elena kindles his heart with feelings of hope and love, little realizing that he had met her briefly…thirteen years ago at Ground Zero.

“Goodness and Light” is more than just a feel good, second chance at love story. It explores the pain and trauma of terrorism that had ripped families apart and had touched everyone that touched tragedy. It tells the story of two such beautiful people as fate reconnects them one more time, and this time to put to rest pain and guilt and build a future with goodness, light and love.

Patty Blount did a marvelous job of penning the characters of Lucas and Elena and this is my favorite of all the four stories. Looking forward to reading more from this dynamo of a writer.

Received ARCs from Tule Publishing via Netgalley for honest reviews.