Four writer friends, love and laughter, families and festivities, Christmas and miracles……a magical Christmas In New York!!!!

Christmas In New York series is the compilation by four writer friends and their wonderful stories of lost love, second chances, friendships and relationships and the magical wishes of Christmas that gives four friends a future of love, trust and understanding.

This Christmas (Jake and Sabrina) – Jeannie Moon

All I Want For Christmas (Cassandra and Sean) – Jennifer Gracen

A Light In The Window (Jade and Ben) – Jolsye Barnett

Goodness And Light (Elena and Lucas) – Patty Blount

And they can be read as standalone……..



Love reading Jeannie Moon!!!! And “This Christmas” takes you right into the hearts of Sabrina and Jake.

Sabrina Gervais is happy and content with her life as a single mother to Charlie and her professional career is at its peak as a sought after Physical Therapist. Circumstances bring her one and only love Jake Killen back into her life and she is left with a vortex of feelings of pain and hope.

Hockey pro Jake Killen comes back to Holly Point to recuperate from a sports injury and fate brings him face to face with a daughter he doesn’t know of and Sabrina, his life’s one regret for having lost her. But now they face off in the winter chills of Christmas and Jake wants his questions answered.

Both Jake and Sabrina are in love with each other, yet the past pain and choices made seem to surround them in a coat of insecurity and mistrust. This is a charming love story of two beautiful people who, so in love with each other that being together scares them as much. And all Charlie wishes for Christmas is to have her parents back together and become a family.

Jeannie Moon did an enchanting job of bringing Jake and Sabrina and a love that was lost a decade ago.



The magic of “Christmas In New York series” continues with “All I Want For Christmas”, as Jennifer Gracen weaves an enlightening web around Cassandra and Sean, a love that lost its wings seven years ago.

Cassandra Baines is successful as the youngest assistant English Lit professor at NYU, has a wonderful circle of friends, a loving family and she loves the city she lives in. Yet, she yearns for that one man who can make it all the more fulfilling and share her life. And her wish brings her up close and personal with her first love Sean McKinnon.

Musician and bar owner Sean McKinnon has no idea what hit him, when he sees HIS Cassie in his bar. He had loved Cassie with his soul, but social barriers and his own insecurities have taken Sean away from Cassie and he hasn’t been the same ever since. But now fate has brought Cassie to him and he has no intention of letting go.

But Cassie and Sean have a lot of catching up to do in dealing with the past that broke them apart and the future that is precariously on the ledge. Cassie may seem the eve confident, intellectual woman, but she needs Sean to balance her life, and Sean needs to get over his social restrictions and trust Cassie with his heart.

Jennifer Gracen does a fine job of exploring the feelings and uncertainties in their relationship, giving them the maturity of putting their fears to rest for a beautiful future together.

Received ARCs from Tule Publishing via Netgalley for honest reviews