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I don’t know what is about this book, it has been at the back of my mind for eons now! I remember reading it when I was fifteen years old (1985, it was published in 1983), a lifetime ago, when I used to spend all my monthly allowance on buying Mills & Boon romances, Silhouette romances…..so many fond memories!

I used to have a copy of this and somehow it go misplaced or holdbackthedawn-judithduncanmaybe I just gave it away to a library before I headed to the US. Yet I couldn’t forget it and remember searching various bookstores for it…..and after all these years here I get a copy of it, courtesy Amazon and it’s independent sellers 😉

Again not sure what it is about this story that had me spellbound – maybe it’s the geologist heroine Leslie Kairns or Steve McRory the handsome and subtle alpha of the old times!!! Subtle alpha I say, because there’s been a vast swing of the pendulum in the writing of romances, the characterizations, the softer sex (LOL) and reading this book only brought open all the differences of romance writing – then and now! All good though, addicted as I am to reading a good romance.

I loved re-visiting this romance a couple of days and I enjoyed it even more than I had before. It tickled me pink to read the scene where Leslie gets a pair of joggers as a gift and Steve telling her to save the box to help him with other actions (she is below 5′), or the emotional scene where she comes to know who her father is or the intense power-play with her step-father……so many scenes that I remembered!

Just had to share this little jewel from my lifetime of reading….



As Yet Another Year Blew

Smarter, Cleverer You Grew

Closer To Being An Adult

Mature, Sure And Exult


Always Will Be A Daddy’s Girl

Smiles, Pouts And Twirl

A Piece Of Mommy’s Soul

Makes Me And My Heart Whole


Charming, Lovely And Beautiful

Bubbly, Fun And Bountiful

Respect And Empathy In Eyes

Warmth And Kindness Wise


Life’s Achievement You Are

Bright As A Shining Star

With Dreams In The Heart

Purpose And Stride To Start


Seventeen Kisses And Seventeen Hugs

Countless Blessings And Wishes

Ups And Downs Is Norm Of Life

Shun Fears To Believe In You

For You, We Are Always Here

A new series, new book boyfriends, new alphas and sassy heroines, and new romances for me to indulge my reading addiction – all presented by Melody Anne with the first book, “Turbulent Intentions”, in her new series “Billionaire Aviaitors”, as the Armstrong Brothers try to find love albeit the demands of their father’s will.


Pilot and CEO of his own airlines, Cooper Armstrong commands the skies as well as the hearts of beautiful women. But one lady remains in the far recess of his mind, tucked away but never forgotten. That one night passionate night with his Cinderella that leaves him wanting more with no idea as to whom this mysterious woman was.

Fate has been dealing Stormy Halifax one bolt after another as she struggles to keep a positive attitude and keep moving forward. As she rolls with the punches, never for one moment does she lose her faith or smile. Matchmaking benefactors put her under Cooper’s roof and what we get is one stormy and passionate love story.

Melody Anne is one of my favorite romantic writers and she pens another stormy story as Cooper and Stormy try to come to grips of fate throwing them a second chance and if they can make a future together. With Charming and charismatic Cooper and Stormy, wonderful and kind supporting characters, humor, passion and emotions running along, and with a perfect narration of the story, “Turbulent Intentions” will be one of favorite to-go-to book.

Received an ARC from Montlake Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.



I’ve followed Rachel Lacey since her first book and have never looked back. She’s one of my feel-good-go-to authors that I adore and love reading. And she’s all set to rock with her new series “Risking It All” and taking the lead in this series is “Rock With You”, a short story setting the series in motion.


Sweet as sugar Carly Taylor meets sexy as sin rock star Sam Weiss!

Sam Weiss is relegated to the tiny town of Haven, NC to escape unwarranted media attention to the mess in his personal life and work on an album that would bring him back to his rock star status. Not an easy task considering he’s missing his mojo and ends up in A Piece Of Cake.

Carly Taylor is a big fan of Sam Weiss and seeing him standing in her bakery doesn’t do any good to her libido. Circumstances put them under one roof leading them to explore the spark of attraction. But different worlds separate them, and Carly has made up her mind to cherish the sweet moments in her heart for forever and Sam is ready to take on the world again as the rock star.

But can the sexy rock star stay away from his crazy beautiful?

As addictive as Carly’s cinnamon rolls, “Rock With You” is a short and sweet start to Rachel Lacey’s new series. With likable characters and good narration, it is a quick and warm read that definitely will bring a smile to the lips and warmth to the heart.

Received an ARC from Forever (Grand Central Publishing), via NetGalley for an honest review.


“Don’t Tempt Me” by Lori Foster is a welcome diversion from her MMA series making the book charming and running a parallel love story is just too much of a temptation to ignore. And I have to say that the story was more than what I had expected and more. Two friends different as night day, yet soul sisters since their childhood, find family, support and love in the most unexpected of circumstances.

Honor Brown and Lexie Perkins have been the best friends since forever and when Honor moves into her new house, Lexie is right beside her supporting Honor as she deals with pain and a bunch of spiteful relatives. The unexpected appearance of her neighbors and especially Jason Guthrie takes Honor’s life into a spin. Jason is one of the most patient, helpful and kind man that she comes across and for Honor whose life’s been a struggle of abandonment and nastiness, believing in Jason is a huge step towards her fight for a normal life.


As Lexie stands next to Honor, having Sullivan Dean on her side is a bonus and the attraction that flares between them is reason enough for these two to explore for a future of togetherness. As a martial teacher, Sullivan has seen a lot of bullying, pain and betrayal and teaching and guiding the teens to a better life is his goal. Spunky Lexie is definitely not on his agenda.

And when danger seems to threaten their women, no one can stand in their way to protect the women they love. Two couples we’ll fall in love for their amazing chemistry and charisma. Two couples that Lori Foster made sure to characterize with their own individuality and not impose over each other, and two couples with patience, strength, care and understanding bring out the best in each other to give us a romantic read that warms the heart.

Lori Foster did a terrific job of keeping these two stories connected and intertwined as needed, and is double the pleasure. I’ve always loved the way Lori Foster makes sure all bases are covered in her romances, be it supporting characters, closing loops and paying attention to details. And “Don’t Tempt Me” book one in new series “Guthrie Brother” is a definite five start read for me.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.


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