I don’t know what is about this book, it has been at the back of my mind for eons now! I remember reading it when I was fifteen years old (1985, it was published in 1983), a lifetime ago, when I used to spend all my monthly allowance on buying Mills & Boon romances, Silhouette romances…..so many fond memories!

I used to have a copy of this and somehow it go misplaced or holdbackthedawn-judithduncanmaybe I just gave it away to a library before I headed to the US. Yet I couldn’t forget it and remember searching various bookstores for it…..and after all these years here I get a copy of it, courtesy Amazon and it’s independent sellers πŸ˜‰

Again not sure what it is about this story that had me spellbound – maybe it’s the geologist heroine Leslie Kairns or Steve McRory the handsome and subtle alpha of the old times!!! Subtle alpha I say, because there’s been a vast swing of the pendulum in the writing of romances, the characterizations, the softer sex (LOL) and reading this book only brought open all the differences of romance writing – then and now! All good though, addicted as I am to reading a good romance.

I loved re-visiting this romance a couple of days and I enjoyed it even more than I had before. It tickled me pink to read the scene where Leslie gets a pair of joggers as a gift and Steve telling her to save the box to help him with other actions (she is below 5′), or the emotional scene where she comes to know who her father is or the intense power-play with her step-father……so many scenes that I remembered!

Just had to share this little jewel from my lifetime of reading….