I read Jude and Lailah’s story to HEA in “Within These Walls”. I’ve come to know of Roman Cavenaugh, Jude’s older brother, their history filled with loss, pain and insecurities. And I’ve applauded he special relationship between Lailah and Roman, and now it’s Roman’s turn to step from “Behind Closed Doors” and find his woman and his HEA.


A man tortured with a painful past, always trying to please his father and living in the shadow of his stellar younger brother, Roman Cavenaugh grew up with fears of failures. Second-guessing himself all the time, drowning his insecurities in work and women, may not exorcise the ghosts, but his temporary assistant Cara may just be his salvation.

Coming to the Big Apple from Nebraska, Cara Hamilton wants to make a career in New York and a life with her boyfriend Taylor. But fate has a different life for her, as she battles the end of her relationship with Taylor, and her attraction to her boss, Roman. The big city may be fast-paced, yet Cara seems to maintain her innocence, her tenacity and survival as she goes through the emotions of love, insecurities and betrayal.

Jennifer Berg has been and will be one of my favorite authors, and her tremendous growth from her Ready series to now is stupendous. With each book she has grown in depth and her characters have become up close and personal. As she incorporates real life incidents and feelings into the fiction, they only give more life and credibility to her narration.

Roman and Cara will always remain one of my favorites of her characters. With great attention to details, Jennifer penned “Behind Closed Doors” with the utmost care and vulnerability. Roman and Cara will steal your hearts with their beautiful souls and just being good people who deserve all the happiness in the world.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.

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