I adore Lisa Marie Rice’s Midnight Series – every one of those sizzlers and I have revisited them innumerable times, that I’ve stopped counting. And now with her latest re-release of “A Fine Specimen”, I get to feel the sizzle and the simmer between the tough lieutenant Alex Cruz and the scholarly Caitlin Summers.


What got to me is Lisa’s style of narration – crisp, sharp and full of wit that tickles our funny bones. If studying dominance in law enforcement is Caitlin’s dissertation, Alex is the epitome of dominance and yet Caitlin is his downfall. I loved Alex’ perspective, his thoughts, his fears and his brilliant and humorous effort to keep Caitlin in his apartment.

With funny and supportive cop central behind, “A Fine Specimen’ is pure charming romance that would bring a chuckle and gives a satisfaction of reading a good love story. Alex and Caitlin are just adorable, and I just can’t get over Alex and his antics. A definite spunk-worthy read!

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.