You want something charismatic and sweet, irresistible and endearing, lovable and fuzzy…. then all you need to do is grab one of Melanie Shawn’s innumerable romances and enjoy their delicious and steamy love stories.

Their latest novella is part of the Someday Series, and this is a super quick read as Michelle Mitchell finally gets her “Book Boyfriend” Sebastian Winters.


Student and book nerd, Michelle is a totally anti normal girl with purple streaks, quirky fashion sense, and tats, loves her books, loves her college and loves life. Having Sebastian Winters, the college’s star baseball player and ranker follow her on Instagram totally rocks her world. And Sebastian Winters has been eyeing Michelle for the longest time and finally he seems to get his dream girl forever.

The reason I love this sister duo of Melanie and Shawna is no matter the length of the story, they can create real and relatable characters that mold well with the narration story, without leaving the readers feeling deprived of the development of characters or their individuality. There is no dearth of emotions and romance, importance to secondary characters or the true essence of the plot.

And the cover is gorgeous!!!!!

This is too cute a love story to pass, and is a definite read

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.