I’ve read all of Dale Mayer’s psychic series and they are one of my favorites especially the first seven. And Stefan’s story is just the best of the lot. But they can be read as stand-alones.


“Now You See Her” brings Tia into the crosshairs of a psychotic killer experimenting on people with special powers wanting to gain control and power. Being a puppet in this special program for ten years, Tia finally escapes the imprisonment, yet she couldn’t get away from the evil personified. Raw and innocent, not having the strength to control her special powers, she ends up in Stefan’s care and Dean’s protection.

A cop and moonlighting as a security guard at the hospital, Dean has seen a lot in his service, yet Tia leaves him speechless with her powers and has him mesmerized with her personality. Giving her protection in his home only brings these two together and Dean’s calmness and energy seems to give Tia the strength and protection to keep herself safe.

Interesting and mesmerizing, Dale Mayer takes us on another thrilling journey as Tia and Dean try to stay alive to make a future together. And it’s always a pleasure to have some of the earlier characters make an appearance.

Received an ARC from Barclay Publicity/Valley Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.