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Melody Anne’s “Billionaire Aviators Series” is still as intense as the passion that smolders between the protagonists, choppy and turbulent as the waters and skies they ride and just as warm and lovely as the Armstrong brothers try to find love albeit the demands of their father’s will.


Being a coast guard is what pilot Nick Armstrong lives for everyday. The adrenaline rush of rescues, being a savior and going beyond the call of duty, fuels Nick’s passion for danger. Injured and being on the ground was never the part of his plan, and going through physical therapy with Chloe Reynolds was not even in his dreams. Laid up, injured and in pain he may be, but his heart and libido seems to crave Chloe Reynolds.

Chloe Reynolds is manipulated into becoming Nick’s physical therapist for a reason, but her heart doesn’t believe that Nick can be responsible for the deaths of his team members in that fatal crash on rescue mission. Healing Nick is her ultimate goal, but can her heart heal from heartbreak is something that Chloe is not sure of. Wavering between her father’s manipulations and her love for Nick, she sure is caught in the crosshairs of losing Nick forever when her secret comes out.

“Turbulent Waters” is another fabulous romance by Melody Anne; as she weaves a story of betrayal and pain, love and passion, forgiveness and acceptance as Nick and Chloe ride the choppy waters of love for a future together.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.



This series just gets better and better as each of the “Opposites Attract”, fall in love – irrevocable, irreversible and irresistible!

If I thought “Completely Yours” was one of Erin’s finest writings, “Forever Mine” surpasses beyond that and more. Maya Goodwin is by far Erin’s crowning glory – strong and courageous, witty and tenacious, aggressive and stubborn, never for a second would she hesitates to step in front of danger to save a person. And Dr. Alex Nolan never saw her coming with her swords and boa!


Cautious and a planner, Alex Nolan doesn’t know what to do with Maya and the instant attraction that sizzles at first sight. His entire life goes on the wind, as he tries to bond with a daughter he never knew he had, battling a rare medical issue, and his constant want for Maya. Keeping the two parallel is a losing battle.

Between the martial classes and sword swinging, between the pages of galactic history and boa classes, and between the passion and lust that sizzle the bed sheets, “Forever Mine” is pure orgasmic read!

Kudos to Erin Nicholas’s creativity and imagination as she weaves these stories in and around superheroes, paying special attention to the chemistry and emotions among the players, keeping the characters down to earth and normal, with enough layers to charm the readers.

Again, some books are beyond reviews and need to be read to enjoy every scene, every emotion and every word and Erin Nicholas’s books are just that.

Received an ARC from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley for an honest review.


The wait is over as Violet Duke’s latest release, “Every Night Without You”, finally brings Caine Spencer and Addison Millan face to face after seven long years of separation.

Part one of Caine’s and Addison’s love story, “Before That Night”, came to an abrupt halt when Addison disappears to save Caine’s future. And now after all these years, the union of these is just bittersweet, tender and a balm to an aching heart. Sacrificing her love, and hiding in plain sight, Addison had built a life for her and her siblings, with help from some amazingly kind people, and had created a haven for people who need a roof and food to survive. Her success is no easy feat as Violet Duke narrates her journey with so much passion, care and emotion.


Staying away from Addison was one of the toughest things for Caine, and now that he had found her, he’s never letting her go until his last breath. He’s proud of her success and now that she’s come into plain sight, he will do anything to keep her safe and protect her from any danger…and from all the handsome men she had made friends in the seven years!!! Talk about being jealous!!!!

This is one amazing narration of Caine and Addison’s reunion, as well as all the secondary characters and the Spencer brothers thrown in together as they rally around to protect Addison. The chemistry between these two is even more charismatic, the dialogues are loaded with laugh out loud wit, and the entire plot of love and mystery is just as captivating and endearing to read.

Every book of Violet Duke’s always seems to give me a glimpse of the author herself. Endurance, hard work and perseverance is the norm of her heroines, as well as in real life and she reiterates the fact that there are so many good people in this world who are kind and helpful, and that all is not lost. With a positive attitude and courage, she pours her heart and soul into these wonderful stories of love, hope and faith.


And no review will ever do justice to Violet Duke’s books. She needs to be read to enjoy her books, and if anyone wishes to try a new author, Violet Duke is the one!


Make sure to read part one of Caine and Addison’s story, “Before That Night”, where it all had started….seven years ago.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review

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Copyrighted: Alima Kanumilli

December 24, 2016

From Donna Grant comes a brand new series, “Sons Of Texas”, weaving a plot around the Loughman brothers, with a sub plot that involves their father and bringing the brothers together on a deadly as they try to unravel the mystery and suspense surrounding their father and his covert operations.


Death brings the highly decorated Navy Seal Owen Loughman home in the middle of a mission, and his longtime heart and soul Natalie Dixon seems to bind him with the shackles of love even as they try to find their kidnapped father and keep Natalie safe from being killed.

Donna Grant’s first foray into romantic suspense is just invigorating and brilliant. As the brothers try to decipher the deadly events, in the midst of evil, he finally accepts his love for Natalie, vowing to keep her safe and find the truth behind the deadly implications of world terrorism. And Donna delivers with intensity and passion, as each book can be read alone, it would be advisable to read them in sequence as the sub plot flows into the other two books as Wyatt and Cullen also find the women of their dreams.

A five star read and a definite addition to the library!

Received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.


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