Melody Anne’s “Billionaire Aviators Series” is still as intense as the passion that smolders between the protagonists, choppy and turbulent as the waters and skies they ride and just as warm and lovely as the Armstrong brothers try to find love albeit the demands of their father’s will.


Being a coast guard is what pilot Nick Armstrong lives for everyday. The adrenaline rush of rescues, being a savior and going beyond the call of duty, fuels Nick’s passion for danger. Injured and being on the ground was never the part of his plan, and going through physical therapy with Chloe Reynolds was not even in his dreams. Laid up, injured and in pain he may be, but his heart and libido seems to crave Chloe Reynolds.

Chloe Reynolds is manipulated into becoming Nick’s physical therapist for a reason, but her heart doesn’t believe that Nick can be responsible for the deaths of his team members in that fatal crash on rescue mission. Healing Nick is her ultimate goal, but can her heart heal from heartbreak is something that Chloe is not sure of. Wavering between her father’s manipulations and her love for Nick, she sure is caught in the crosshairs of losing Nick forever when her secret comes out.

“Turbulent Waters” is another fabulous romance by Melody Anne; as she weaves a story of betrayal and pain, love and passion, forgiveness and acceptance as Nick and Chloe ride the choppy waters of love for a future together.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.