A great start to another awesome series by Marina Adair, “It Started With A Kiss” has all the ingredients to touch your heart with it’s emotional and wonderful set up in a rustic Sierra Nevada town, a town full of loving people, supporting and caring for each other in sickness and health. And a town that Avery Adams is dreaming of making it a home and fill it with adventures as fate gives her a second chance at life.


The world is a home for Tyson Donavon, as he lives his life rescuing people on the treacherous terrains and coming back home was never on his risky plan. But an ailing father and a failing family adventure’s lodge that is his father’s life, brings him home. What was supposed to be a short and temporary help seems to become more of a permanent fixture as fate throws Avery into his path.

The chemistry between Avery And Tyson is an amazing blend of charisma and love as they get to know each other, her patience and tenacity softens his heart, Tyson’s adventure for life gives Avery a chance to fulfill her bucket list, and slowly making a life together seems to be an adventure that these two are willing to risk.

Marina Adair is another of those wonderful writers who pays great attention to detail, keeping the narration emotional and poignant that makes you laugh, cry and scream as you are reading the story. Avery was just an amazing character and all kudos goes to Marina for creating a perfectly imperfect heroine.

And “It All Started With A Kiss”!

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.