Book three of the BOSS INC Series; “Into The Firestorm” is my favorite of the series so far. Mr. Bounty Hunter, Luke Brodie meets Ms. Bounty Hunter, Emma Cassidy.


Two fiery individuals, brought together by a common evil, Luke and Brodie work together to bring justice to the victims. A bit more edgy, a tad scary and a lot more sizzle and passion, Luke and Emma go one hell of a ride to catch Rudy Vance before he can destroy another girl’s life and the only way to get Emma’s family back together.

Luke Brodie is one of Kat Martin’s brilliant characters with his deadly hunting skills as well as loving skills. With a dangerous mob gunning for Emma and with the fear of losing his heart to her, Luke would become a monster in his wake to keep Emma safe.

Emma Cassidy’s only motivation in becoming a bounty hunter is to get rid of evil like Rudy Vance who destroyed her family. Having Luke as a partner is a godsend as well as a bullet to her heart. Matching step to step with Luke, and holding her own against any threat, Emma will sacrifice everything to bring her family together.

With the Brodies and inmates of BOSS Inc. making appearances, and with secondary characters giving sustenance to the story, Kat Martin weaves another dazzling romantic suspense that enthralls the readers in her latest, “Into The Firestorm”.

Received an ARC from Kensington Books via NetGalley for an honest review.