Brenda Novak’s latest release “Finding Our Forever”, is a an emotional journey of revelation and family, love and support as Cora Kelly tries to settle into the life of the New Horizons Boys Ranch as an art teacher. But her motivation behind taking the job is to get to know her biological mother, and maybe get some answers to questions that had haunted her for a while.


The New Horizons Boys Ranch is Elijah Turner’s salvation and his adopted mother Aiyana is one person he would lay down his life for… unconditionally. Getting over a traumatic past and using those experiences as lessons, Elijah is driven to helping troubled teenagers get a second chance at life. The ranch is his life yet, when Cora comes aboard, he cannot deny his interest or the spark of attraction.

What started off as a behind the doors affair soon sees the light of the day, and Cora’s guarded secret only makes it more complicated. But Elijah being the sensitive and understanding guy of the hour, he may be the one to smooth things over, helping Cora confront her past and make a future together.

“Finding Our Forever” is a story of forgiveness and acceptance, regrets and redemption, love and support as each Brenda Novak starts off the Silver Springs series with an emotional love story. Elijah and Cora make a truly wonderful couple as they try to make their relationship work with patience, understanding and trust.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.