Families are made not with blood but with love. This has been my belief and shall remain so. Having said that, being adopted, or coming to know of another family that shares your father or mother, is a hardball to swallow. It creates lot of angst, bitterness, hurt and insecurities that need to be resolved before acceptance and forgiveness can make the truth a bit easy to live.

ImageIan Dare is no exception and neither is his stepbrother Alex Dare. Realizing the existence of a second family, by his father had made Ian a hard nut to crack. But then all it takes is one life-changing incident to bring both the families together, on a truce. And all it takes is for Riley to waltz into Ian’s life on his stepbrother’s arm and he wants her in his arms and in his life.

“Dare To Love” was my first book of Carly Phillips and I fell in love with her and the Dare family! Two stubborn individuals and one fiery ride! Riley and Ian have a tough time reconciling to their insecurities and a past that is unpleasant. It is a heartwarming and sizzling journey of passion and love, realization of priorities and trust, taking a step towards a future that is more important than anything else, and to be able to trust each other with that future.

Her second book in the series, “Dare To Desire” went beyond my expectations. In fact it was more electrifying and mesmerizing. I loved Alex, arrogant with a sweet heart, and totally in love with Madison, Riley’s friend. Their journey was more a fast paced thrill of a ride of football and media frenzy, injuries and career ending decisions, a frenzy of lust and love and of second opportunities and opening doors for the less fortunate. Touching other people’s heart, giving them a reason to live, supporting the fallen with a kind gesture, encouraging to go through windows opened– Carly got me by the heart on this!Image

Carly touches a sensitive subject of abandonment in Dare To Desire, and Madison is right in the middle of it. But it was dealt with empathy and a lot of insight. This part of Madison’s life is one of the most emotional and heart-wrenching realities of her present and she constantly struggles to find a balance. I loved Alex for his attention and support for Madison. It was beautifully penned by Carly and I cried reading the conversation between Madison and her mother.

One of my favorite writers 🙂