A child born, a Mother reborn

To nurture and to care,

Scrapes and pain kissed away,

Hugs chase away shadows and ghosts,

Cuddles ‘n coddles plentiful,

Inspiration, motivation, aspiration,

Spine of steel, strong and brave,

Blood runs rich, values and morals,

Relationship lavished in love.

Some ties bloom in heart

Sans kindred or blood

Orphaned to roots and origins

Yet foster stability and strength

Resilience, courage, dedication

Warmth unconditional, a pillar of love

Triumph may touch a few

Others may face a defeat

It’s a guardian’s kingdom come.

Copyrighted Alima Kanumilli, May 10, 2014

To all the wonderful ladies who have made a difference in a child’s life, to care and protect, to love and cherish and to support and guide, Happy Mother’s Day!!!!