Alone….Oh, so lonesome….
Forlorn and desolated stand
In a world of bustle
People in masks hustle
Shoving their seedy muscle….
All I ever wanted was
A kind word
A comforting smile
A warm hug
A tender look
To ride a life simple
All I ever got was
Jealousy in friendship
Stab in the back
Cruel words in honey
Immune I was to truth
In my world of naive
Will I ever be away
From the ghosts of the past
Will I ever live again
With a passion for life
Will I take regrets n mistakes
As memories to move forward
Will you be there to hold me
As I stumble on the path
Will you be there to love me
As I cloud myself with misery
Will you be there to kiss me
As my soul cries in agony
Fallen I am, at the end I am,
Will you be there…..just you…
Only to whisk me away…
Away to dare build a dream…
To dream again……will you be there……
~Alima Kanumilli~
Copyrighted March 23, 2012