It seems like only yesterday that we got married!! Memories of the first year still come and go in images and it was no bed of roses. I always remember him saying, ‘if we can’t make it the first year, we would never last’. I honestly don’t remember when we found our rhythm or fell into a relationship of husband and wife after that first year, but it has been one picturesque album of memories – some vivid, some hazy, all with the good, the bad and the ugly.

We rolled over speed bumps, hiked mountains tall, clawed ourselves out of deep valleys, and here we are, 20 years after that eventful day of getting hitched, still so much in love if not more, him still structured and organized, and me all over the place skirting around those ;), he has been and continue to be one of my mentors as well as one of my worst critics (amazed we did not kill each other!). I owe who I am today to this amazing person still standing in my life

I am glad that we never gave up on each other, realized we fit very well, like lock and key ;), he still makes me laugh to the boot, and with two beautiful daughters in tow and him by my side, I am blessed and cherish this togetherness as a family, this moment and this very minute!