A broken heart deserves a second chance, a new beginning and a lasting love.
Easier said than done. Second chances are riddled with self-doubts, guilt, insecurity and a notion of not being on the deserving scale. Going through pain and hurt, it is no easy matter to convince your heart and mind that it is perfectly alright to want love, feel loved, have a partner beside you, share your fears and dreams on a second string of a new beginning.
It’s twice as painful and thrice as guilty, when your first love and relationship was a beautiful journey, taken away due to circumstances with no hope of its rebirth. Having feelings for another person, longing for a gentle touch, wanting to hear a kind word, or wanting to lean on a shoulder to rest, is as genuine and healthy as getting protein and calcium for your body.
Learning to live again for yourself, is as natural as breathing air to live another moment of life. Give yourself a chance to feel again, ignore the world of doubts and ridicule, and remember that this is your life, and you know in your heart what is best for you.