It’s so sad. So very sad, how plastic and artificial life has become. It keeps getting harder and harder to find the real things – real feelings, real smiles, real relationships, real friends, real love, real body parts…
It seems that the more technologically advanced humans get, the more isolated we seem to become. It is really alarming how we spend our entire lifetime doing all kind of activities and yet we don’t seem to be getting any closer to whom we really are inside!
I’ve never being a material girl. I’ve never lusted for big houses, brands, expensive jewelry or fast cars. I do love my vices though, with a passion – books and clothes and these shopping sprees range from Barnes and Nobles to Macys to Ross.
I love being on social forums yet I treasure those chats I have in person with my children, sans technology. I don’t need an IPhone to schedule an appointment with my husband, but I rely on spontaneity to take us on a walk together. Though I love reading opinions on life from different walks of the world, I have the common sense to reserve judgment, taxing god’s given brains to think for them.
There seems to be a regression in progression. Competition replaced good old sportsman spirit. Jealousy and greed take precedence over honest friendships and relationships. The lust to excel one over the other, takes the parents away from listening to what their children really want and/or need. The hustle bustle of man made hectic gadget life, seems to mute our vocal chords.
I am enthralled as the next person, with a gadget in my life. But I’ve learned not to forget the genuine moments in life. As my husband constantly reminds me, “be in the moment”, whether it is two minutes or two hours, that is what’s more important in keeping the communication lines open, giving your time to humans rather than machines and letting know those important people in our lives are just that, important!
Measured in quantity, weighed in $$ and compared in lineage desperately needs to become measured in humanity, weighed in attention and compared in humility. Simple, easy and technologically free!
And I love stopping to hug my husband (should he get that lucky ;)) and children or friends, as much as I love stopping to smell that coffee in my kitchen!! Sensual and pure pleasure!!!