Oftentimes we reflect on our lives and wonder how we came to be at a certain crossroad or a path, how we ended where we are today. This may apply to anything in life, be it career, marriage, personal decisions, choices we have made and crises we have lived through. Isn’t a path just that? A means of getting from one place to another, made up of faces and events, one baby step after another.
In the path of our lives, we don’t have the luxury of seeing or forecasting where our footsteps may lead us in a certain path that we have chosen to walk. Every decision we take or a choice we make, leads us to more paths and so on, until by the end of our days, our life is one continuous thread of paths, all sewn to make the final trail.
Now, isn’t this the rhythm of life? Isn’t this how a perfect life is supposed to be? Lot of people may live with the impression that a perfect life is a long-term goal achieved through hoops and loops, searching for the right moment, accumulating a bank balance, nesting a huge mansion, possess brands and so on and so forth – an unending desire to gain more and an unrelenting search for that elusive ‘happiness’.
What about now? What about this moment in time? What about this second where we are sitting in our kitchen drinking coffee with our loved ones, what about this moment of cuddling next to our loved ones watching TV or what about this minute when your children are talking with us about their school life, friends and concerns? Isn’t this normalcy and isn’t normalcy perfect!!
We need to remember that we can’t make everyone happy in our lives. We choose our priorities and we go after them. We have to let people go and this is perfectly fine – be it a friend or a relation. We have to let the past remain in the past. Everyone can be a part of our journey, but only a few can remain until the end, even if it is a family member. No guilt!
I’ve lived, I’ve loved, I’ve lost, I’ve missed, I’ve trusted, I’ve hurt, I’ve made mistakes, but most of all, I’ve learned. And I’ve learned that ‘Perfect life is all about creating our perfect moments.’