People now have become so wrapped in superficial issues like hair and make up, clothes and cars, boyfriends and girlfriends, necking and sex – all soaking like a sponge from entertainment, social forums and books. Sure they can be fun and interesting, but how I wish they would be taught and encouraged other qualities of humbleness, strength, courage and values; a boundary where certain things need to come to a stop. Finding out who you are as a person, what your interests are, are definitely more important.
Considering we all live in a society governed by artificiality, superficiality and prejudice, dreams seem to be more real than reality. I don’t blame people being taken by the social forums, the glitter, and thirst to be associated with celebrities or anyone close to entertainment or even the ones who are prominent in their own little part of the world. Enjoying things for what they are, being content with what’s bestowed on them, empathy for another human being, all have gone for a toss.
As much as they want to be associated with status, they can’t stand hearing different versions of things in life. A difference of words seems to be the cause of a break in a relationship. Hiding behind a facade and in the name of free speech, being judgmental has become the fashion of the season. Prejudice in the name of opinion is rampant, superficiality seems to rule the roost and artificiality adorns a person as easy as a smile!
How frustrating it is not to talk about things that really matter to us. Because the more we talk, high are the odds of people saying things that would hurt us. So we keep quite, letting the things that are gnawing a hole inside us, away from all to avoid the hurt. And we blame everyone and everything under the sky for the kind of world we live in today, except self. Hypocrisy scales the heights of immeasurability!
I wish people would realize that the world is a sphere and not a center!