Some things cannot be protected from storms. Life is all about weathering those storms, setting your sails on a different course when needed and grabbing tight to second chances when they fall into our lap. Not everyone is lucky enough to get those second chances….

“When You Are Ready” is just that….. a story of second chances, taking support from family and friends, remembering that there is still a lot of positive and good people left in this world, its alright to be selfish enough to be happy for self…..all when we are ready. And trust me when I say this from my heart and personal experience….Clare and Logan – simple characters, plenty of pain and hurt, yet big enough to move beyond their past to turn a new page in their new life together, starting a new chapter, building new memories for their album of love and family, courageous to face any shadows lurking in their new lives…..simple, real and a very sweet story. The highlight for me in the  whole story was for Logan to accept Clare with her love for Ethen. His asking and offering of “all or nothing” is so poignant and emotional…loved those few dialogues and the conversation between Clare and Logan at the cemetary…and Logan being diagnosed with cancer and Clare supporting him, is very personal to me…..that whole storyline was well written and concluded….am such a sucker for happy endings….Things will always fall into place, we just have to let the heart know – “When You Are Ready”. Jennifer – a fabulous beginning to a new chapter in your life as a writer and wishing to see many more….thanks for the opportunity to put in my two cents 🙂 And I apologize if any readers feel that I’ve given out more of the story than needed…couldn’t help it…sighhhh

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