Who doesn’t love a sweet romantic story between two very cute people. Melanie’s “Crossroad Series” introduced me to Harper’s Crossing and the Sloans. A lovable town filled with lovable people. As much as it is fiction, there is no doubt that places like Harper’s Crossing or people like the Sloans, the Hunters, Aunt Wendy and Aunt Hazel and of course Grandpa J, and a whole bunch of simple and good do exist in life.I read the first three in the series – My First (Katie & Jason), My Last (Chelle & Riley) and My Only (Jamie & Alex). All three such lovely reads. Simple tales of normal singles falling in love, of trust and support, of learning to lean on shoulders yet not giving away their independence.Witty dialogues to tickle your funny bone and a storyline that is very simple and real, I fell in love with Harper’s Crossing and its citizens 🙂 and we are not done yet.