When you love someone with body, mind ‘n soul, you would go to any lengths to protect her/him. When someone loves you, the way they say your name or the way they look at you is so different. You feel loved and you know your name is safe within their arms.
If MINE TO TAKE was the coming together of Skye and Trace, MINE TO KEEP, was the evolution of their relationship – thru shadows and lights. It was about putting to rest the ghosts that had taken over their lives in the 10 years that they have been separated. It was about learning to trust each other with their fears and insecurities – was an emotional delight to read the book.
Fast paced, great suspense (had me second guessing my intuitions ;)), loved the secondary characters that came on stage, and it was a home run! Stayed up until 3 am to finish the book, and I have to confess that the last few pages had me shed a few tears as I read Skye’s turmoil, loneliness and fear with faith, hope and determination in one same breath!!!!
Can’t wait for Noah and Claire to make a life together   Picture Courtesy: Cynthia Eden Official Fan Page on FacebookImage