Sharing what one of our listeners have to say about Rangmunch With Alima…….thank you so much for the kind words of appreciation and keeping us on our toes to make sure we keep bringing you better and better fun filled shows…

“I have been listening to your show since Feb-2013, wherein you had one other lady (probably on phone-line from India) who seemed to be an expert & regular viewer of Indian Serials (as we call soap operas there). I was driving from my brother’s house in Fremont to San Jose (where I live) on a cold Saturday night in February, and you were on the air.

Your voice seemed so wonderful, mesmerizing & familiar as it resembled to one of my English teacher’s voice from my school in Bombay. It seemed you have full command over your spoken English, and make your extempore speech totally perfect & flawless (just like my teacher). And then, there was no hint of any connection to the slightest of a south Indian accent; as later I came to learn (in one of your shows) that you are from Vijaywada. My longtime room-mate (in the past) was from Vijaywada, very nice guy, and I happened to know his extended family too, very nice people. He is from the Kamma community and happened to make nice Chicken Biryani, just like you. And a month ago, when Nina Davuluri (of Syracuse, NY) won the Miss America 2014 pageant, I was thinking about all the wonderful people of Vijaywada coming to the US.

When you talk on the show, the atmosphere and the feeling of your voice looks similar to that of Tabassum from Phool Khile Hain Gulshan-Gulshan days; or to KJo from Koffee with Karan show; a show with an atmosphere that is totally relaxed, and still very entertaining. And especially the great songs from the 70s and 80s you insert in between the informative talks, thats the icing on the cake.”

Thank you PK for your kind words 🙂