I seem to be drowning myself in books….paperbacks and e-books equally, that I have been officially designated the title “Reader Monster” and apparently I have a “Reader Syndrome”!!!!

Thought I’ll share a few of those “out of my normal list of authors ” with you guys. They are amazing writers – full of fun, witty, humor, thrill and of course eroticism personified 😉

Rebecca Zanetti’s “The Dark Protector Series” – Anyone addicted to paranormal reads, Shifters, Vampires, this is one of the best series I would recommend. Amazing alpha characters with equally amazing women to keep them in tow. They are definitely Twisted, Tempted, Hunted, Provoked, Consumed, Claimed, Fated – thrilling reads!!! Keeps you Against The Wall 😉


Elisabeth Barrett – Star Harbor with the Grayson brothers!!!! It’s a crime that we even have men like the Grayson Brothers. Sinfully talented in their own right, I totally fell in love with each one of the Graysons. Insecurities abound, trying to find that one love to anchor them to Star Harbor, finding their match in equally sassy and independent women, the series was a total surprise package that I relished shamelessly.


Have fun reading these new authors if you haven’t already…..and of course there is a lot more…… a bucketful of more authors coming….. 😉

PS: Pictures courtesy from the websites of the authors.