Kendra Elliot writes some mean thrillers and suspense!!!! I came across her quite by accident (am very accident prone leading to new authors ;)) and I am hooked line, sinker and anchor!

Her “Bone Series” is a “Chilling” ride of “Buried” secrets, “Hidden” twists and being “Alone” with cold blooded murderers with a mother of all twisted minds. Her villains make you wonder in sheer amazement of how perverted, warped or disturbed they can be. As much as we shake our heads in disbelief, the world sure has its share of sick people like her villains. Image

My personal favorite was “Buried”. Loved the way Michael and Jamie connected and worked together. And the main twist in the story was so well written and revealed – I just loved it! Although my gut hinted at the possibility, the certainty of the truth was still a total surprise that ends up giving you goosebumps.

If “Buried” was my favorite book, Dr. Victoria Peres and Seth Rutledge in “Alone”, were my favorite characters. Victoria got my attention from her first appearance in “Hidden”. She’s strong, courageous and utterly feminine, that had Seth Rutledge staying close to her. I liked their history as much as the maturity with which they handled their past and settled into the present.

ImageKendra’s books can be read stand alone, but you will not be able to resist going back to reading the complete series. Set against the backdrop of Oregon, get to know Lacy and Jack Harper and Brynn and Alex in the midst of spine tingling chills, fiery passion and dark nights. 

And can’t wait to “Vanish” into another world of romantic suspense with her next book.


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