Five years ago this day, Christy Reece’s first book “Rescue Me” was released!!! What a monumental achievement and five years later she’s got all her readers addicted to her elite “Last Chance Rescue” team of adrenaline flowing protectors and alphas…….

Christy’s one of my top favorite writers and a darn sweet lady….wishing her many,many more successes and many, many more books for me to read 😉

Visit her blog for her thoughts and feelings on her journey so far…..

And my wishes to her on this special day –

Christy Reece to the rescue
Gives LCR the cues
Run To Me she says
Sweet Rewards are waiting
You get one Second Chance
To extract Sweet Revenge
Chances Are high that
Sweet Justice will be served
Return To Me she entices
Hubby cries Rescue Me!
I stand No Chance
Lost in the Midnight throes
Last Chance y’ll
On the bandwagon you go
Nothing To Lose I say!