Nerds are studiously cool. Nerds with glasses are super delectable and Nathan Ellison Raymond Dunkle with spectacles, a stained lab coat and a pocket protector is ultra yummilicious!!!!!

“Searching For Perfect” is her second book in the “Search For” series and Jennifer has outdone herself astronomically. If I thought her first book, “Search For Somebody” was fab, Nate’s and Kennedy’s story is explosive and beyond my expectations. Nate was such an excellently etched character as the imperfectly perfect guy looking for a wife. A rocket science lost in physics and NASA, his quest for Ms. Perfect was no easy task, with the Book of Spells playing a key role in their love story 🙂

Taking the hunt for his wife as serious as his dedication to physics, getting under the wings of Kennedy Ashe, partner in Kinnections, for a complete makeover was pure chemistry. Professor Higgins meets his Eliza!!! And it was a ridiculously hilarious makeover.Image


One long bony finger drifted out and beckoned him forward.

“Go,” Kennedy whispered

Crap, why was he scared? A little old lady couldn’t hurt him, and if he didn’t like anything, he’d just walk out, no matter what Kennedy said.

Finally, she turned and faced him. “You get naked.”


“You big baby? You no get naked for old woman” What you so afraid of?”


I just about died laughing!!!!! And the fun does not stop here. It was one of most super hilarious scenes I’ve read. If her story is packed with humor it is no less punched with empathy, hurt, pain and support. Nate feigning stomach pain so that Kennedy can indulge in some ice-cream, is one of most sweetest gestures I’ve read about that brought a lump to my throat.

Kennedy Ashe is burdened with a bucket load of childhood pain and insecurities. I loved the way common problems that we face in daily life have been brought to the forefront, be it bullying or battling teenage weight issues. She had self imposed restrictions and boundaries to avoid long-term commitment.

The transformation of Nate and Kennedy as the story progressed was so eloquently revealed. Initially if it was Nate who depended on Kennedy to help him, later it was Kennedy who was able to put her trust in Nate to take care of her vulnerability and help overcome her insecurities. Kennedy, in her quest to find Ms. Perfect for Nate, ends up being the Ms. Imperfectly Perfect for Nate.

I love Jennifer’s books just for this one simple skill of narration She can make you laugh uproariously and at the same time she can make you cry. She can twist you in knots with her emotional dialogues, feelings and actions as much as she can have you mesmerized by her erotic penning, Her characters are written with depth and they are so down to earth, it feels like you’ve know them all your life.

We fear rejection, we want attention, we crave affection and we dream of perfection and Jennifer Probst’s “Searching For Perfect” has all of this and more.

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