Naughty has finally arrived and boy does she give Grayson more than a few ‘gray’ hairs!!!

Bella Andre’s eight book in her Sullivan Series, “Always On My Mind”, is by far my favorite right next to Smith’s and Valentina’s love story……and will always be on my mind.

For me reading a book is more than just enjoying the story or romance. For me reading a book is getting under the skin of the characters to feel them in my heart. To me, satisfaction is reading between the lines of their emotions and have every gesture and action play in my mind. And pleasure to me, is to relate to those characters at a very down-to-earth level, as practical as possible.

Personally I feel that Lori is Bella’s crowning glory. To be able to etch a character of spunk and vulnerability, hope and pain, faith and loss, yet be as normal as can be, always thinking of others, and  able to pen those feelings in words for us to relate, is absolutely no small task. Simple things in life, enjoying the beauty and sunshine of a day, getting down and dirty with a pen of pigs, be able to put aside personal issues, just to take care of a dying animal, all even as you are going through pain, betrayal and hurt is what Naughty is all about. I don’t think Bella could have done any more justice to her Lori, than she already did. The perfect Lori!!!

AlwaysOnMyMind-Review-May2014What can I say about Grayson? Another normal human being, going through guilt and pain of losing a loved one, of regrets and isolating himself as punishment for what he feels he had done wrong, Grayson was what every decent guy would relate to. He really does have a heart of gold and not so much of an ego. It’s as simple as that. No matter how much he tries to get away from Lori, he’s been playing a losing game from the minute he sees her. As much as he lashes out at her, he is quick to apologize. Makes you wonder do men like Grayson exit and sure they do.

Through all the witty conversations, tending to the horse and the pigs named after her brothers, chickens and a cat, both Lori and Grayson get to know each other, give each other a chance to grow, explore the possibilities of belonging with each other to finally fall in love and their union is one of the sweetest I’ve read.

It’s a fast paced, on-your-toes read, as you try to catch your breath and the undertones of a calm and unconditional love, family and support has your breath whooshing out, at a family reunion. Lori and Grayson leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling, deliriously happy and a craving to hug someone!