Funny thing about humans is, at our best we can be the most noble of animals, but if not governed by law and justice, some tend to become the monsters of all monsters! Money, power and fame are not vices in the right hands, but once they get into the monsters’ hands, and innocent lives are at stake, it’s a different ball game. And when people sink to the bottom that they don’t feel the cold anymore, and have absolutely ‘Nothing to Lose’, is when they thirst to avenge injustice.

How would you react if your life is snatched  from under you viciously and with intent to hurt? Would you fight back or just accept it as fate dealing a bad hand? Unfortunately for Kennedy O’Donnell, justice went the other direction and she had to make a tough choice to either disappear to save her life or bring justice to her slain husband and her lost baby. Teaming with her’s and her husband’s best friend Nick Gallagher, and with the powerful presence of Grey Justice, a billionaire and philanthropist, behind them, they strategically and methodically plan the downfall of the people responsible for creating havoc in their lives.

Having read Christy Reece’s LCR series, a series brimming with adrenaline mercenaries, fast and furious covet operations, high-end stakes and nerve cracking and nail-biting escapades, the “Grey Justice” series is a different flow. I loved the way she choreographed the story at a calm pace, with reasonable thinking and strategic planning, yet not losing her grip over the story and the thrill of the ride. And never once are the emotions, trauma, and pain underplayed.Image

And she’s cloaked her characters with layers to peel like an onion! I believe Christy hasn’t even nicked the tip of the iceberg for us readers to get to know the person called Grey Justice and his personal nemesis Irelyn! They are two complicated people dark as midnight, with shadows of a painful past dogging them just a hair breath away, yet laying their lives and resources for innocent people in that grey area of justice. I would love to see those layers peeled to get to their hearts as they evolve individually and together.

Kennedy O’Connell stole my heart with her courage and perseverance, her stubbornness and focus. Nick Gallagher was just the right person for Kennedy with his amazing cop skills and his everlasting love for Kennedy. When dealing with matters of justice and truth, there is no difference between small and large problems, because we expect justice to be served equally, and it was portrayed with great clarity when Christy was etching Eli Slater and Jonah Slater.

With the first team members for the “White Knight” in the making, and the support of some amazing good people rising from the dark, I am looking forward to her second book in the series,  “Too Far Gone”.