I’ve never read any of Julie James’s books that have disappointed me and her latest release “It Happened One Wedding”, is a fantabulous ride all the way to the altar.

I totally adore her FBI/US Attorney series, and Vaughn getting hitched was a treat to read. I still remember him from Julie’s first book, “Something About You”, and always wondered if he would get his own HEA, and am so happy he met with Sydney Sinclair.

I love….love Julie’s narration, so full of wit, charm and romance. The banter between Vaughn and Sydney was just so sweet and totally rocked! Caught up in their respective siblings Simon Roberts’s and Isabelle Sinclair’s marriage, the foreplay between Vaughn and Sydney is just hilarious. As they tap danced around each other baiting and skirting around the edge of lust and longing, you can’t help but fall in love with Vaughn and Sydney. Sydney’s 34 points of finding her Mr. Right was such a perfect twist to the story as was to Vaughn and her asking Vaughn for advice as she dates men, even after they slept together, was just too comical!Image

Having read Julie’s blog about her research with her Special Agent”, it made reading “It Happened One Wedding”, so much more special. Being a FBI Agent necessarily doesn’t mean there is always trouble in undercover work or handling any situations. I loved Julie for keeping the story calm, smooth and have Vaughn figure out whether he wanted to taste all the shiny treats at his disposal or chose to woo Sydney. This is one of my favorite parts in the book –

“For men as attractive as you, this city is one big candy store, filled with so many shiny treats, you couldn’t possibly choose just one.  So instead, you run around with your obviously healthy ego, sampling as many goods as you can get your hands on-simply because you can.”  Sidney’s and Vaughn’s first face to face 🙂

Cade and Huxley were just hilarious ribbing and getting back at Vaughn with his relationship, and Simon and Isabel just added more flavor and spice to the story. This is one smoking hot, ultra savvy, slick read and sumptuous to the end.

As much as this book can be read stand alone, don’t miss her earlier books in her “FBI/US Attorney Series”….my personal favorite is “Something About You” – Jack Pallas and Cameron’s story.