One of my favorite genres to read is a thriller with a dose of passion and romance.  The main characters necessarily don’t have to be SEALS, Army Rangers, Military or adrenaline pumping alpha males protecting their own. The stories can be of normal businessmen, doctors, or plain billionaires protecting their family and loved ones by any means.

I had the ‘Deadly Series’, by Jaycee Clark in my Nook for the longest time and finally got to read them, and was I impressed or not.  Each story was a thrilling ride of turmoil, suspense and passion. Each character was an epitome of love, anger, pain and hurt, as they battle the shadows of darkness threatening their lives. Image

The Kinncaids of the Deadly Series are a close-knit family of unconditional love and support. Yes they have a few issues like any normal family, but their motto is and had always been “This I Defend”. I just totally loved how every member from the head of the family to the little grandson down the line truly and wholesomely believe in this motto with no exception.

Aiden and Jesslyn (Dark Shadows), Quinlan and Ella (Dark Secrets), Brayden and Christian (Dark Obsession), Gavin and Taylor (Deadly Ties) and Ian and Rori (Deadly Games) – each go through a journey of pain and evil, before they finally find their love and happily everafters. The mystery surrounding the estranged son Ian Kinncaid was so well etched and loved the way Jaycee wove his story entwining with the rest of his brothers’ lives.

And as if the above testosterone was not enough, Jaycee had to go one step ahead and treat her readers to the patriarch of the family Jock Kinncaid and what he had to go through to get the love of his life Kaitlyn, in ‘Deadly Beginnings’ – a fabulous beginnings of the Kinncaid legacy!


Typically with thrillers and suspense novels, once I reach the end, it’s hard for me to go back for a second read. But Jaycee Clark is one of the exceptions and had done a brilliant job of keeping the pace going at breakneck speed, cloaked with so many emotions of desperation, betrayal, pain, hope and faith and the ultimate feeling of ‘everything is going to be alright’, was a pure pleasure to read the Kinncaids.

And I did go back to these books to re-read, re-read and re-read. An exceptionally lethal series and I can say without qualms, “This I’ll defend”. Jaycee Clark is a definite winner for me.

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