Second book in the “Protector Series”, Samantha Chase and Noelle Adams, dish out another pleasing and delightful story, “Honor Bound” featuring an appealing and protective Sebastian and a young and likable Ali.

Always wanting to do the right thing, yet standing up against any injustice meted out, Sebastian is one guy any girl would fall hopelessly in love with. Loyal and with unconditional support for his fellow Marines, I like the way he corrects the wrong done by his affluent Maxwell family.


Bent on getting justice for her family that had been ripped apart by the wealthy and the greedy, Ali is on a mission of her own, working as an assistant for an event planner, to guise her real task of gathering information against the guilty. She is fearless and focused and even the honor bound Sebastian cannot derail her!

Sebastian materializes at every turn that Ali lands herself in her quest for justice and inevitably gets saved being caught, very single time. They both make an endearing pair as they play hide and seek and finally succumb to their growing attraction.

A sweet story of HEA as Sebastian and Ali finally find themselves in each other’s arms for life, a story definitely not to be missed.