1970s were toddler years for me. 1974 for Atlanta, GA in Karin Slaughter’s new release “Cop Town”, was turbulent with some devastating changes. With the inception of its first black mayor, blacks being incorporated into professional fields including law enforcement, lines were drawn and boundaries were set in concrete. It was a fascinating read for me!

I’ve heard and read about the 70’s, but never so graphic in detail. Cop Town brings out the role of a woman as was perceived in those times. Relegated to the kitchen or considered only for procreation, women were treated with absolute no respect and dignity. Karin’s dialogues were downright sharp and graphic, so very reminiscent of those times. Granted things have changed now, yet it is visible in our daily lives.


Into this upheaval, Maggie Lawson and Kate Murphy are thrown together as a madman creates havoc, murdering cops in Atlanta. Maggie Lawson followed her uncle and brother into law enforcement and for Kate Murphy this is far removed from her privileged background. Yet she hangs on with tenacity and courage. Paired together to man traffic and write reports, and sidelined from the manhunt for the killer, both Maggie and Kate reach a point of no return. Fueled by anger and pride, they take matters into their own hands to hunt the killer.

As much as the book was a brutal revelation of the Atlanta PD, it was an evolution of Maggie and Kate in their individualities and relationship as partners. With gusto and courage, they manage to land on their feet.

This is one book with razor sharp dialogues, cutting edge narration and the brutal evidence of racism and secrets. A book worth reading!

** Received this book from Netgalley to review.