Lucky Harbor just keeps getting smooth as whiskey, silk over velvet and hard to walk away.

“He Is So Fine” is book #11 in Jill Shalvis’s Lucky Harbor Series and is another sizzling romance with Olivia Bentley and Cole Donovan crackling with passion and giving Lucille some fine material for her Tumbler and You Tube fixations!!! Can it be more sexy and funny for the residents of Lucky Harbor as they feed on the gossip with underlying love and concern for their own?

Olivia comes to Lucky Harbor to start fresh with a new identity leaving a devastating Hollywood life and a family that she really can’t relate to. Running a vintage store in Lucky Harbor, she’s careful to keep her distance and not make any long term relations. Living on borrowed time, she revels in running her store and creating endless fantasies and stories with the kids.

Cole runs the Lucky Harbor Charters along with his friends Sam and Tanner and is forever trying to stay clear of his coven of sisters, who have coddled him. He’s got a wonderful family and great business, but a painful past keeps him from having any long term relations, until Olivia literally jumps on his head in the seas with the intention of saving his life and knocks him flat….literally!


Cole and Olivia can’t deny the chemistry that’s been bubbling between them, and end up together. Cole believes in total honesty to the point of being rigid and unbendable…such a sweetheart…..and Olivia’s yet to come clean with Cole about her past.

Another beautiful love story in Lucky Harbor, as Olivia and Cole try to work out their misunderstandings and insecurities, put a closure to a past that seems to put the future at risk, and the confession of Olivia and Cole was an absolute treat to read.

Can’t wait for Tanner to get his heart stolen!!!!