I am not sure what exactly was the trigger that took my interest away from this book. This is the first book in my reading history that took me more than a month in trying to finish it….trying been the operative word! To me the characters are important as much as the narration and the way the story falls into place. This is one of those books where the characters were just not in my wavelength.


Andrea Dawson as the matchmaker just did not click with me. Her character was too sketchy and immature for a role of a matchmaker. Despite her redeeming qualities like her wit and reading people, she just did not cater to my reading pheromones.

Blake Donovan is one of the worst characters sketched. For a millionaire and a businessman, he is too childish and immature. He absolutely has no idea what he wants, and I have no clue what Blake’s hang-ups are for him to behave like a jerk.

Language and the plot of “Miss Match” are pretty good, unfortunately it completely missed its mark in catching my interest and honestly I couldn’t finish it. This was an unfortunate ‘mismatch’ to me

Received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.