Lindsay McKenna is one of the best military romance writers that I’ve come across and some of her books are immensely memorable and have revisited numerous times. Along with badass soldiers, she also writes some great badass cowboy stories.


Having said that, her new series Wind River Valley starts off really slow and remains slow. First in the series, “Wind River Wrangler” Roan Taggart meets city girl/romance writer Shiloh Gallagher as she comes to Wyoming to get away from a stalker and lay low until the danger passes.

With a past trauma that haunts her night day, Shiloh is not one to trust easy, yet she feels safe and protected as Roan guides her under the vast skies of Wyoming, helping and giving her confidence to rebuild her life.

It’s a nice plot and all, but there’s too much internal dialogue and I have to be honest I skimmed pages to get to the interesting part. The characters were not bad, although I really couldn’t get close to them or feel them in my heart. I guess Lindsay wanted to give more attention to romance versus action and danger, but the narration was slow. All in all its’ an okay read. And the cover is gorgeous!!!!

Received an ARC from Kensington Books/Zebra via Net Galley for an honest review.