Sapphire Falls is just not letting up the heat, as the residents seem to fall down like flies with love and passion. Erin Nicholas has teased with enough of Peyton and Scott to make the readers salivate for another charming love story and no disappointment there.


Peyton Wells and Scott Hansen have danced around each other enough to cause a nuclear combustion and when circumstances place Peyton in Scott’s home to take care of him after getting shot, the story is just getting started.

There’s enough passion and heat between the sheets to accelerate the heart, but what I really loved is the way Erin weaved in the emotional aspect of a relationship between them. As Peyton honestly faces her fears of insecurities of childhood and dysfunctional parents, Scott adds his patience and protectiveness to the equation, giving strength, confidence and safety.

Reading an author/writer who creates characters that give you feelings of mischief, spunk, sass and humor, without even reading the full story? Well Erin Nicholas does, and it’s just not her main characters, even her secondary characters have so much depth and roots in a story, it’s hard not to be involved with them when they appear in the story.

And having the other characters make an appearance is always an orgasmic pleasure and reading any love story in Sapphire Falls is a balm to the heart…. always positive, friendly, supportive and caring.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.