If you haven’t read Pamela Clare, you definitely are missing some stunning stories and “Tempting Fate” is by far one of her very best works I’ve read of hers.

Book four of her Colorado High Country Series, “Tempting Fate” is the journey of a young woman trying to find her roots, heritage and finally belonging to a community that would be become a part of her life. Victim of a crime when vacationing in Colorado, Chaska Belcourt, the son of a Sun Dance hereditary chief, saves Naomi Archer. As a genius aerospace engineer and a member of the elite Rocky Mountain Search and Rescue Team, Chaska believes in fate and destiny and he was meant to save her from near death.

Having being adopted by a cult family and ruled with an iron control, Naomi has been bound by the walls of the cult. But now recuperating in Chaska’s home, and with his sister Winona lending a helping hand, Naomi truly learns the works of life.


As Naomi heals under the loving care of Chaska, the sparks of attraction consummate the growing love for each other. “Tempting Fate” is a beautifully written multicultural love story, steeped with support and care, friendship and brotherhood, love and passion, family and heritage. Pamela Clare’s depth of detail and knowledge of the Lakota heritage, and her real life experiences give the story charm and reality, enlightening the readers and a pleasure to read this romance.

And the clarity and characterization of Chaska and Naomi must be read to understand their chemistry, their love and the relationship that gives them the courage and strength to make a future.

Received a copy from Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op via NetGalley for an honest review.