Melanie Harper and Josiah Stone christened “Christmas In Silver Bell Falls” and now a couple of years of dating and we return to Silver Bell Falls for their wedding.


As different as two ends of the spectrum and polar opposite of each other, Melanie and Josiah have overcome their vast differences and end up falling in love. Now with Christmas upon on them, and Josiah wanting to tie the nuptials during the Christmas festivities, he’s got a heck of a job convincing Melanie of the same. With Christmas hang-ups still very raw, Melanie loves Josiah and wants to get married, but will take a lot of courage and understanding to overcome her fears and follow her heart.

A wonderful read perfect for the holiday season. A simple love story as two people learn to give each other the trust and the foundation of a future. A simple narrative of a story, Josiah and Melanie take a place in my heart as they overcome pain and insecurities. Samantha Chase creates some wonderful supporting secondary characters and she does what she’s good at – weaving a winter wonderland of romance.

Received an ARC from Chasing Romance, Inc. for an honest review.