As the clock winds down bringing another year to a close, 2017 for many has been a year of immense loss, and pain, yet in the midst of destruction and death, life seems to find a way of giving another chance and opening hearts filled with empathy and love. My heart goes out to the fallen and their families, and I sincerely hope that the new year starts with a clean slate to make new memories, create new stories, and give back a little to build love and trust.

The year has gone by in a flash but has been kind to us albeit a few hiccups, keeping us in check of what may be and what may not be. This year saw us going through the biggest change of all – our oldest daughter heading to college. With some major changes and a few minor variances, the fact remains we miss her presence in our daily life, giving us a chance to reminiscence on flashbacks. She’s thriving, she’s enjoying and she’s living the life of a freshman in college!

The youngest has matured into quite a young lady, that she surprises me to no end! Our conversations about her daily life, her friendships and gossip, the trials and tribulations of a high school teenager, are something I am so grateful for. Communication with a teenager is not something I take for granted and truly am grateful that she has made me a part of her daily dramatic teenage life.

And let’s not forget the “Man Of The House!” As always working hard, rolling with some major changes on the professional front, and transitioning into a DAD of teenagers, has not been an easy task, yet he’s done it like a champion. Patience, tenacity and perseverance have been his mantra this year along with being the wonderful husband and father he always has been and continue to be.

Yep…we had our share of disagreements and arguments like any normal couple and here we are heading into our 25th year of togetherness!

As a person who believes that things happen for a reason, I am enjoying my life with my family, being a book fanatic to the hilt and socializing with the handful of friends in my corner. Life’s been kind to me and to my family…I am forever grateful for them surrounding me with their idiosyncrasies, the unconditional love and support of my extended family in India and the UK, the benevolent and considerate wheels of my existence, and for the constant and steady professional front.

Life will always find a way to bend and mend, and life will do what it is supposed to do – throw curve balls, wreck well-made plans and create havoc in our daily life. We as players are responsible to endure and forgive these surprises with courage and confidence. As we grow and progress, be a friend to the one in need, the ears, eyes and shoulders to lend support and give actions and words more importance. No matter what travesty lines our lives, determination and resolution regenerates hope and faith.

At the threshold of a new year, I thank the year gone by for its valuable lessons, priceless memories and bountiful blessings. I am thankful for another chance at creating new stories, making new memories, fulfilling aspirations and goals with renewed energy and confidence, and to amazing relationships and breathtaking adventures.

From my family to yours, here’s wishing everyone a safe, healthy and a resounding New Year!!!

Live With Courage, Thrive With Energy and Enjoy With Abandonment!