Once A Toddler And Shy

Baby Steps And The Missteps

Always A Surprise Act

Then, Now And Everyday

In Thoughts, Talks And More


Angel You Were Not

Naughty And Nice

With A Mind Of Your Own

Quick To Wit, Clever To Charm

A Killer Smile To BootPratikshaPBday2018-Pic#1

Fine Young Lady You Have Become

Graceful, Kind And Hardworking

Dreams Big And Worries Small

Turn Chances Into Opportunities

Make Friends Than Acquaintances


Be A Crazy Teenager… Within Limits 😉

Be Yourself And Believe In Yourself

And On The Ride Of A Lifetime

You Have Family And Friends

Unconditional Love And Support


Wishing you the sweetest of birthdays with extra sugar, laughter and love!

Copyrighted: Alima Kanumilli, January 19, 2018