Death is one force of nature I dare not question and time is the essence of life that I have no control….


A kind human being, a perfectly imperfect father, and a loving grandfather has received a glorious farewell on a journey to the beyond. As angry I was with him for not giving me a chance to say goodbye, (of course I was being selfish!), I believe he’s lived a fulfilling life – be it seeing his children succeed in life, taking his grandchildren on walks of endearing conversations, partnering his wife in the kitchen with his wisecracks, tending to the plants he dearly loves, or keeping his retired life busy with many of his engagements.

Always with a quick retort gracing his lips, a witty mind that draws out a chuckle, and an impeccable sense of humor, his persona was one of a kind. We watched many a show together, rooted for our favorite sports with excitement, and spent countless hours over drinks with gratifying conversations and life’s experiences. He imparted hard work and discipline as a step to success and humility and kindness as virtues. He’s always been a silent giver, unconditionally I may say, and a father, uncle and grandfather to a large brood of family and extended family.

As much as he has left a void in my life, a father more than a father-in-law, he’s given me a never ending slideshow of images – sitting in his favorite rocking chair, the impish smile when he cracks a joke, his habitual walks and chores done to the second, his teasing and eternal complaint of being surrounded by the females in the family. I wonder if he ever realized that this very fact of his life is part of the legacy his sons have been rewarded with…..guess the last laugh’s on him! 🙂

You will be missed everyday of our lives…..and I am so proud and honored to be a part of this family.