Evil never died. It might be suppressed for a while, diminished for a time. But then evil bloomed again, reborn into a different shape, a new way to cause destruction.

Evil continued to thrive.

~ Running Strong, Christy Reece ~


Life as we see it is a school of good and evil, and it is left to us humans to choose a path. Rafael Sanchez and Giselle Reddington are two ends of this spectrum, yet they are bound by destiny, separated by fate and brought together with a common goal to destroy the demons hiding in plain sight.

As much as this is Rafael and Giselle’s story, this is also the beginning of the end of a series that is held so very close to my heart.

He who does not punish evil commands it to be done. ~Leonardo Da Vinci ~

And Noah McCall and his team of LCR operatives are “Running Strong” as ever to punish this very evil that comes in any form or shape. An honor they believe with their souls and a mission they see through with every breath of their lives; to save the innocent and keep their families safe.

Words will not do justice to Christy Reece’s finale of the Last Chance Rescue Series (aka LCR/LCR Elite). The thrill is in the narration, the suspense is in the plot, and emotions in actions, as every LCR operative comes together to mete out the final judgement.

For any new reader starting with “Running Strong”, I can guarantee that it’s a losing battle to resist the temptation of knowing where it had all started. Every story is a screenplay of intimate details, a treacherous pathway of betrayal and pain, unconditional journey of loyalty and integrity, a rollercoaster ride of love and unity. And every LCR operative has endured and succeeded!

This series is written with heart, characters created with the utmost care and detail, be it the good or the bad, and plots created by one of the most sophisticated minds I have the pleasure of reading, right next to Nora Roberts/J. D. Robb!

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.