Pamela Clare is at it again doing what she does best…writing amazing stories of courage, bravery, brotherhood and their partners of life who stand by their side with unconditional love and support.


Her new series Cobra Elite, a group of elite soldiers who believe in protecting the innocent, starts off with the first “Hard Target”. A hard target indeed as Derek Tower is tasked with bringing Jenna Hamilton home from the war torn Afghanistan. But Jenna’s work as a midwife and educating the women there has been her mission and going back home before her term work ends is not an option. Derek very well knows the fear of staying in a war torn country with danger and betrayal dogging every corner, yet convincing Jenna otherwise is a monumental task.

As Derek and Jenna work out the dynamics of staying alive, the sparks of attraction that flares between them sure enough lights a fire that engulfs them. With passion heating their hearts and danger dogging their feet, their escape is no easy task when bullets start flying. And Jenna still has to face the betrayal close to home.

It’s a great start to her new series, as Pamela Clare gives much insight into the life of the women in Afghanistan as well as the faith that amid evil, there are still good people who respect women and willing to protect their own.

Received a copy from Pamela Clare via NetGalley for an honest review.