I have followed Rachel Lacey from her first book and she still is on my favorite list. From her first foray into writing books starting with “Unleashed” to “Don’t Cry For Me”, she had an amazing span of genre that I totally loved reading.


First in her Midnight In Manhattan Series, Rachel introduces her readers to the petite, strong, professional Eve Marlow, who owns her own marketing company as well as a TV Show. A show that needs some uplift and a new lease of life. Who would have thought that finding a litter of kittens would put her to Josie Swanson, a complete opposite of Eve. Josie who puts her dreams aside to make a living with the bar she inherited.

But then, opposites are meant to attract. Two ends of a spectrum are meant to collide. And Lady Fate loves to interfere in people’s lives to make it more interesting. Eve and Josie, sure have their work cut out for them as they navigate their fears and insecurities, prioritize their feelings and really reach out for what matters in life.

I fell in love with their courage, sincerity and self respect as they beat down the world to fit themselves!!!!

Rachel Lacey gives her readers an emotional journey as two wonderful people take a journey to a life they never dreamed. 

A stunning read if you ask me!!!

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.