“If a man could die from regret, then he was living his last moments” ~~Nicholas “Hawke” Hawthorne, Heartless ~~

There is a reason why I love Christy Reece, writer and creator of romantic suspense…author extraordinaire who takes her time to dwell into her characters to appreciate and acknowledge the depth of their personalities, who gets into the mind of evil to understand and recognize the extent of corruptness, and creating motives and situations, thus weaving an engrossing story of good and evil, right and wrong, actions and consequences.

Readers of her Option Zero series have met all her characters in play and each of her characters have an intense and underlying depth to their personalities. Characters who have been to the bowels of the underbelly, witness of sociopaths and power mongrels, politics and destruction. And everyone one of them have their own demons to demolish. Characters that I enjoyed revisiting in Option Zero.

In the midst of deep cover ops and mayhem, Olivia Gates and Nicholas Hawthorne formed an electrifying bond of love and marriage. Where there is good, evil is always lurking in the shadows to strike and create havoc, separating Olivia and Nicholas. And the same twisted evil plays a hand in bringing these lovers face to face, little realizing the full impact of “Zero Options” to survive their eventual solidarity. Evil would see the end of the day! For Olivia and Nicholas, who have given each other so much to remember, it is hard to forget the separation and pain, betrayal and deception, and it’s a long road to trust and forgiveness. Christy Reece gives this very facet of their character, a special attention in the final chapters of their story.

Talking about a Christy Reece book would be like revealing the spoilers of the story. Every word, every line, every situation is such an integral fragment of the plot, that it would be an injustice to her narration, for me to pinpoint anything in particular. Writing about Olivia and Nicholas will be an act of transgression on my end as I can never, ever describe them in a few words. And finally reviewing her work, would be “Heartless”,  of me, as every emotion, every dialogue and every single thought of Olivia and Nicholas has to be imagined in the eye of the mind as their story is been read.

And now a satisfied reader will let Christy Reece go back to her work, and shall wait in anticipation, as Iris Gates went back to work as well!

Received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.