I always enjoy reading Lori Foster! There’s something so very charming and captivating about her heroes and heroines, interesting plots and the crossover/spin off series are always my favorite.


As much as I love her books, her latest release “Close Contact”, somehow lacked her special trademark of chemistry and vibes. MMA fighter Miles Dartman’s path crosses that of Maxi Nevar and after one passionate night between the sheets go their own ways. Now fate brings them together, as Maxi’s life is in danger from an unknown threat and he’s tasked with the job of protecting her.

Staying under one roof at the ranch that Maxi had inherited, old feelings are renewed, sparks are fanned to passion and love becomes the very air that they breathe. It’s a good plot, but lacked conviction and interest and somehow I did not see that chemistry between Miles and Maxi. I was more interested in Sahara Silver and Brand Berry!

Then again this is Lori Foster, and I am a bit biased and one read is given for “Close Contact”.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.